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The benefits of carpet

Whether you are shopping for carpeting or any other soft surface such as area rugs, you can be sure of many benefits. All rugs come in a variety of fibers and styles and price points. There's something for everyone. They also serve an ultra-important function by keeping a room quiet. The fabric absorbs vibrations and sounds, so vibrations don't bounce on walls, which result in echos. This is why you'll often see rugs layered over hard surfaces or installed in nurseries or bedrooms.

Rugs also aid indoor air quality because no pollutants or particles are circulating to breathe in. Simultaneously, vacuuming gets the surface dirt, other pollutants and particles get trapped into fibers where they'll remain until the rug is deeply cleaned. Also, it helps you save energy because it insulates, not transfers, temperature. If a room is warm, the rug will keep it that way. It is soft and, since it provides cushioning, it is easy on the joints and prevents those "hard falls" that can injure a person.

Rugs and your decor

They have a style all their own, and you can change the atmosphere of a room, going from contemporary to traditional, just by changing the rug. They also help define the space, especially with today's open layouts, and coordinate with the decor to pull together the furniture, décor, and accessories. Even though you often see it layered over a hard surface, it can bring depth, accent, and highlight when the room is carpeted.

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Area rugs: premade (stock) vs. custom

There's a wide variety of stock rugs from which to choose, but they have standard sizes and shapes. There may be times when you want an unusual shape, size, or unique and personalized design. That is the time you'll want custom area rugs. It's also a way of utilizing a worn but beloved family heirloom of a carpet; have it cut, take it to a rug binder, our designers will advise you, and you'll still have it with you.

We have a wide selection of carpet brands, from some of the most well-known and trusted brands. These days, there's carpet for everyone, so no need to hesitate if you have pets, allergies, or really anything for that matter. See for yourself at the Surdel Carpets Flooring and Design Centre carpet store in Surrey, BC, especially if you live in or around Surrey, BC, Delta, BC, Langley, BC, Burnaby, BC, Coquitlam, BC, New Westminster, BC, White Rock, BC, North Vancouver, BC, West Vancouver, BC, or Vancouver, BC. Be sure to ask about our estimates.