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How to choose hardwood flooring that meets your needs

Whether solid or engineered, think of wood floors as an investment, not just a purchase. They add style, richness, and elegance to a home, never go out of style, last for decades, and add value to your property. The engineered version is now taking over a major share in the wood flooring industry because it appeals to people who want both beauty and practicality. What you select will ultimately come down to how much you value the specific characteristics of each.

Solid vs. engineered hardwood

Solid is, as it sounds, one thickness throughout each plank, and, while it's easy to care for, it can, like wood, be damaged by excess water and moisture. Just be sure to wipe spills immediately and use mats at entrances and in front of sinks. Solid wood also shrinks and expands to adjust to the weather, and that can be easily handled through an uncomplicated process called acclimation.

Engineered wood flooring is a layered construction, giving it more stability with an increased ability to handle water. At the top lies your species-of-choice with undertones, knots, raised grains, and swirls. Underneath are three or more authentic wood layers combined with a little resin and then placed in a crosswise position. You install it over concrete and in basements; it's less prone to warping and doesn't have the shrinkage/contraction issue. Like solid, it can be sanded and refinished and adds value to a property.

From a design point of view, engineered boards tend to be wider, and it almost always comes prefinished. Some find prefinished preferable because they'll have complete samples to use when coordinating other furnishings. Others prefer finishing on-site because color and sheen can be controlled better.

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Is Bamboo a hardwood?

Technically, it's not hardwood, but it looks, feels, and has many of the same characteristics as wood. Bamboo flooring is a cost-effective, eco-friendly choice. It comes from the highly sustainable bamboo plant that is so fast-growing that a bamboo plant can mature in six years instead of the almost 20 it takes for a tree to mature.

Installation varies between the two hardwoods. Solid is a tongue and groove, nail down installation. Engineered can be a floating floor which is fast, uncomplicated and has less waste; it's a click, mat and hover installation. Bamboo can be nailed or glued. To learn more about hardwood flooring, visit the Surdel Carpets Flooring and Design Centre showroom in Surrey, British Columbia, especially if you live in Surrey, BC, Delta, BC, Langley, BC, Burnaby, BC, Coquitlam, BC, New Westminster, BC, White Rock, BC, North Vancouver, BC, West Vancouver, BC, or Vancouver, BC. Be sure to get your free hardwood flooring estimate when you are there.